Jades by David Lin


T. S. LIN & SONS is a second generation jade manufacturing company specializing in fine Burmese Jadeite.  Based in Hong Kong, T. S. LIN & SONS have been in the jade business for more than fifty years with an office in Honolulu as well.  The business is presently owned by T. S. Lin's son, David, who is assisted by his office manager, Lucy Carlson, an associate in the business for more than 20 years.

With his father , T. S. Lin, a jade merchant from Southern China as his teacher and mentor, David has learned everything there is to know about jades----- from its raw materials to finished products.  Invited by the government of The Union of Myanmar, David goes to the Myanmar Gems, Jade and Pearls Emporium Auction in Rangoon as well as travel to the borders of Thailand and Burma, China and Burma and Chinmai ( Northern Thailand) to acquire the raw materials for his exquisite line of fine jade jewelry.

Born in Shanghai, China, David moved to the United States in 1969 and resided shortly in California before established residency in Hawaii in 1970 where he attended the University of Hawaii.  With more than 30 years in the jade business, David is often called upon for his jade expertise and is invited to lecture on the subject in numerous cities throughout the country.

A jewelry design by TSLIN.COM is considered an elegant addition to anyone's wardrobe as David is not only passionate but extremely particular about the quality of his jades as well as the quality of workmanship of his carvings.  The gold work on David's collection of fine jewelry offers the finishing touch of luxury...every piece a work of art.